19 – Born Before The 80s Hot Tennis Players

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And now here’s a special post for another group of hot tennis players that also don’t fit the rules we made earlier.

These players are actually already full grown women who have been among the top players and reached their highest rankings before the beginning of the new millenium, making the news for their looks at the time they were professional players. The list includes many former top-10 players, including a number 1 (Chris Evert), a few Grand Slam titles, lots of WTA titles, Eurosport commentators (Barbara Schett and Annabel Croft) and an incredible amount of beauty from some of the best players of the 70s, the 80s and the 90s who came from places as different and far apart as Austria, South Africa and Argentina.

If anyone knows a few hot tennis players from the Antarctica please let us know!

Barbara Schett - Hot Tennis Players

Born Before The 80s hot tennis players list

These include the argentinian Gabriela Sabatini, the british Eurosport commentator Annabel Croft, the austrian Barbara Schett, the north-american Chris Evert, the south-african Amanda Coetzer and the french Mary Pierce. All of these hot tennis players have reached their best rankings ever before the year 2000.

Born Before The 80s hot tennis players pics

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