20 – Virtually Unknown Hot Tennis Players

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The first post of the list of hot tennis players is a group of women who, judging by their highest career rankings at the time of the making of this blog, would be virtually unknown in the tennis world if it wasn’t for their good looks. Almost all of these hot tennis players have never gotten into the top-100 of the WTA Tour world rankings, and most not even really that close. But they’re hot, and that’s why they deserve a spot here. While the “never had a good enough ranking” rule is why none have their own post, keep in mind that most, if not all, are still young enough to have their brightest tennis days ahead of them and, who knows, maybe one of them will get into the top-10 or something close.

Emmanuelle Edon - Hot Tennis Players

Virtually Unknown hot tennis players list

Our virtually unknown hot tennis players are Alize Lim, Anastasia Pivovarova, Aneta Barchankova, Beatriz Garcia Vidagany, Charlene Vanneste, Daniela Kix, Emmanuelle Edon, Ksenia Milevskaya, Monika Wejnert, Romana Tabakova, Silvia Disderi, Stefania Chieppa, Tadeja Majeric, Valeria Savinykh and Vojislava Lukic.

Update: Alize Lim, Anastasia Pivovarova, Stefania Chieppa and Valeria Savinykh now have their own pages. Click their names above to see these new hot tennis players’ pages!

Virtually Unknown hot tennis players pics

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7 Responses to 20 – Virtually Unknown Hot Tennis Players

  1. tcofran says:

    What about arantxa rus ?

  2. evy says:

    omg….this is a one hell off a list.i want every one of them in top 10

  3. Joe says:

    Andrea Hlavackova has to be somewhere on this site

  4. bandittot says:

    Es la idea simplemente excelente

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